Use a text link, or download an image. On the sides, there is a black rubber panel for easy gripping and the SlimBlade fit perfectly in either hand. All of the mice in Kensingtons SlimBlade Collection have a sleek, slim design, a variety of functionality and are wireless. It would’ve been ideal for Front Row, which is designed to be operated using a D-Pad. Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies! You find yourself scrolling sideways when you mean to move up or down too, which is annoying.

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With a better scrollerball and Front Row compatibility it would be a worthy winner, but as it stands, it’s not recommended.

Start inviting your friends along! Unfortunately, its two key features are poorly executed.

Kensington – Support – SLIMBLADE MEDIA MOUSE

The footprint of the SlimBlade Bosch Mini Chain Saw. No comments on this article. We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide kensington slimblade media mouse with relevant content and ads.

The media functions can also be used with Windows Media Center and Mac operating systems. Published Aug 6, Author mfereday.

Kensington’s two-button SlimBlade Media Mouse not only features a scrollerball instead of a wheel putting it on a direct collision course with Apple’s own Mighty Mouse but flip it over and you find an iTunes kensington slimblade media mouse controller too. The mouse worked with all three of these programs seamlessly.

Just pop in the USB controller and the mouse is ready to roll. While degree scrolling might be advantage, it kensington slimblade media mouse not the reason for this device being referred to as a Media Mouse. By The Gadgeteer on April 15, All of the mice in Kensingtons SlimBlade Collection have a sleek, slim design, a variety of functionality and are wireless.

By GadgetSpeak on August 06, 64 Turn a standard mouse upside down and you have an inactive piece kensington slimblade media mouse kit but kensington slimblade media mouse is not the case with a new product from Kensington As its title implies, this mouse is rather slim when you take an all-round measurement. I wondered if the mouse would hold value to anyone beside Road Warriors; would this mouse be useful for a home office or in a meedia The use of a ball rather than a wheel allows for a full degree of scrolling but does mean you miss out on an extra click button.

The media features are extremely handy and would be great for anyone that makes presentations at work, businessmen and college professors alike.

Reviews by related category Kensington Keyboards and Mice. When not in use the USB receiver can be stored in a slot alongside the battery compartment which holds kensingyon AA batteries that Kensington estimates will provide six months of power with normal use help, no doubt, by the mouse automatically switching off battery power when the computer is in sleep mode.

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse review

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The mouse uses 2. Running along either side of the device are dimpled panels of a light grey colour that do help provide a firm grip of the mouse.

This sleek, wireless laser mouse, which comes in black or deep wine, is small enough to stuff in a kensington slimblade media mouse and tote around.

Basically, they wanted “to create the perfect computing accessories for traveling executives. Why don’t you be the first? No Longer Available Update Location close. The SlimBlade is a small silver mouse with a small turquoise patch where kensington slimblade media mouse scroll ball is located.

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse review

This mouse is comfortable and responsive. Given its superficial resemblance to Apple’s remote controller, you’d expect it to offer the same functionality.

However while all these controls performed their task when using Windows Media Player, MusicMatch and RealPlayer, I did encounter a problem with the popular Winamp application. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Turn a standard mouse upside down and you kenxington an inactive piece of kit but this is not the case with a new product from Kensington.

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